Monday, 28 September 2009

Nutty world

OK so I am GOMing already but what the devil is going on when OFSTEAD, hardly a proven body of competence, starts to decide whether grown women can mind each other's children? It appears that two mothers, who are also police officers, have been told they must become registered child minders if they are to do each other the favour of caring for their children when one is on duty. Lord help us chaps but when will al; this end?
Happily someone in government has demonstrated that not all of Westminster is asleep on watch and told them to reconsider. A start but telling them to mind their own business full stop would be a start. And anyway how did OFSTEAD get involved? Have they asked themselves how and where their information came from?
It is on a par with sacking a school care assistant for informing the mother of a bullied child that her child was being bullied. What she really deserved was a medal for informing on the little dears. And if the child was tied up (held against her will, m'lud) and detained by her assailants (kidnapped, your worships) and being whipped with skipping rope (assault occasioning actual bodily harm, Madam Recorder) and she had NOT reported it she would have been failing in her duty.
Small surprise that the parent of one of the assailants was a parent governor. She (he?) may7 not have taken part in the sacking but the mud will stick. And it is mud that the very power given to parent governors was itself invitation to become adherent.

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